Culture of Artisans

Bacatá is a design house working with international artisans to craft quality one-of-a-kind products. Established in New York City.


Bacatá - (Land of artisans) - is a design house working with craftsmen and craftswomen from around the globe to bring quality, one-of-a-kind products to an international audience. Bacatá aims to pair traditional craft and sustainable practices with modern design sensibilities.

Bacatá was established in 2015 by Mauricio Artunduaga and Nayeli Pinton in New York City. Bacata's founders are kindred spirits. Both grew up in Latin America and care deeply about preserving the rich heritage of the region and sharing it with the world.



Bacata's artisans use ancestral techniques and materials from across the globe to create works of art. In their jewelry, each artisan reveals not only superior craftsmanship, but also the passion they feel for preserving their traditions.

With many handcrafted traditions in danger of being lost, we aim to honor and join the efforts of artisans from countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Central American and Mexico. Together we share a commitment to spreading knowledge and beauty that is truly global.


Responsibly Sourced

Jewelry is even more beautiful when it’s created with ethical and sustainable techniques. Our artisans prefer natural products like lime, sea salt, pumice and baking soda. We seek out stones in their raw form and source them from the country's mineral-rich mountains.



a native of Colombia and based in New York City over a decade, has been traveling in the search of different culture of artisans and supporting them showcasing their talents and work to an international audience. Bacatá is an extension of his natural beauty philosophy.